Up light was born in 2014, with a vast experience in the field of  production and marketing of soles made in plastic material such as Tr,tr light, uplight and sil&con, and not only, our company  uses research and technology studies for the development and realization of prototypes, molds and materials, to keep up with the market research.

From these studies, we have introduced 2 new materials into the market: “Up light” and “Sil&con”.

Which peculiarities have our new materials?

UP LIGHT is a very lightweight material (40% less of tr), it doesn’t slip, it doesn’t deform like eva material, abrasion 80 (wear away less), high resistance also at -15°, and it not leaves marks on the floor 100% NO MARKING®

SIL&CON is lightweight material (27% less of Tr), it doesn’t deform, abrasion 40 (wear away minimum!), very soft, comfortable and maximum flexibility, high resistance also at -30°, it doesn’t slip and it not leaves marks on the floor 100% NO MARKING® also ideal for the “back to school”.

Moreover, from this year (2017), our company has starting the production oh “uplight” and “sil&con” only with solar energy; to help to reduce the environment impact.

It would not be beautiful choose a raw material produced ecologically for your footwear? Even your customers would be proud and happy of contributing to the preservation of our planet!

Today, the Up Light company is able to progressively be expanded to cover new markets, tradition, knowledge, technology, but also dynamism, functionality, fashion and style have met to create this new economic project.

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